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Updating my Blog

I finally decided that it has come time for me to part ways with WordPress and move to something more simplistic. One of my friends has had some success with Pelican, a python tool that generates static html files from markdown files. It has been pretty simple to get everything going by just following their Quickstart Guide (i would recomend using pip to install pelican as it will automagically create bash aliases for you).

The biggest issue i have found so far is finding nice, simple, themes with the plugin support that i want. Most of the themes in the pelican-themes repo are either outdated, or do not support most plugins. Which means that I will need to stop being lazy and create a nice simple theme.

In other news, My new personal project has had some progress. I have migrated all of the REST API's to java using SprintBoot and hibernate. I have been building it entirely annotation driven which has caused me a few headaches, primarily due to the fact that there is limited documentation online that will help you fix a problem using annotations. I will update with more soon.

  • Dean